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School picture day. Some students love it while others dread the thing something awful. A school requirement is that every picture day you must dress nicely, once you've had your photo taken you can change into your regular wear, simple as that. The group met up at the park, Daemon, Wraith, Shade, Specter and Xero had arrived at the same time. Now that was left was Kary, Askad, Omega and Enid. As they waited the five went over why they were wearing what. They all wore, black dress shoes and pants but their tops were all different especially Specter's for he wore a full black tuxedo. Shade wore an waiter's outfit minus the apron, Wraith wore a black dress shirt with a red tie and Daemon had the opposite for he wore a red dress shirt and a black tie. Xero on the other hand had a blue shirt and a black tie. The three weren't so much...fancy as some other people are. Not long did Omega show up. He wore dark blue jeans almost the color black, brown dress shows and a red dress shirt with a cross at the bottom of each sleeve, there was a tie to match up this combo as well.

"What the hell are you wearing? Church clothing, Omega?" Xero asked, it was the first time he had ever seen Omega dress up like that, he was expecting something like...well something not that. Omega didn't seem embarrassed at all. "Or...did you go to some religious school before in your life time and just decided to keep the uniform?" Omega blinked a few times with a bored expression on his face.

"I don't normally wear this stuff, but my father made me, I wear it on 'special occasions' and also I don't go to church." He finally replied. They waited for Askad, Kary and Enid to arrive(mostly Xero kept bugging Omega about his clothing). Hopefully those three hadn't skipped school, but then again they always did make up pictures the next week incase someone was gone so they would have to worry about that too.

"Seriously where are those three? Pictures are going to start taking in ten minutes or less." Specter said. Waiting a few more minutes they saw three figures walking towards their group. "Speak of the devil they finally made it. And hey look at that, two ladies on each side. Whaddya think of that Omega?" Specter teased and Omega seemed half tempted to smack him(not really). Just as Specter had claimed, Askad walked up to the group, both Enid and Kary clinging to each of his arms(though they weren't wearing very tall high heels, still must be difficult for the two to walk). Xero saw a blush come on Omega's face as he glanced at Kary.

"Okay, that's enough for you Omega. Wait for the dance you hear?" Xero said turning his friend around. It was true, after school since the kids were most likely just going to stay in their nice dress clothing they might as well have a school dance to go with it. Xero turned back to the three of them. "What took you guys so long? Pictures are about to be taken and I don't want to get in trouble thinking that we're ditching." The two girls stuck their tongues out and Askad sighed. They knew they were late and Askad thought it would be a good idea for him to explain.

"We know we're late. At first our plan was to meet you guys here straight away, but then I ran into my friend Dan and we started up a chat." Askad explained. Xero rolled his eyes. Daemon and Wraith stood clear thinking Xero might just start blowing off some steam with words that might kill them(not literally but he's the most dangerous one of the group-that hot-head of his and all). "Anyways lets go get those pictures so we can be done with this for now. We all agreed to go to the dance anyways so it would be a waste if we didn't do anything."


"Smile for me." The cameraman said to Kary and she gave a sweet smile. As she did so the cameras flashed claiming it was over now. She got up and returned to the group, she was the last one to go. Not to mention that everyone in the group really didn't mind the picture taking, even Xero which was a surprise. The group headed off to the lunchroom, with all these pictures being taken today classes had been canceled due to the school wanting the students to look their best. They sat down at a table and continued whatever they were talking about.

"Boring day." Wraith said putting his head on the table. "So boring, there's nothing to do! But they can't send us home since its still a full day of school except there will be no teaching or anything. I wish I had brought an extra pair of clothes then I would play some basketball." Daemon slapped his brother on the back causing him to sit upwards, glaring at him for that. Daemon shrugged, it wasn't a big deal for most of the them, like Omega, Askad, Kary, Enid and Shade, but the other four were short of impatience, which wasn't much of a surprise. "And what about the dance again? What time is it anyways?" They all looked at Askad he was the one who always kept track of school events when they decided to go to them.

He pulled out his cell phone. It was obvious that he kept all of them recorded in his phone. He had enough to memorized, putting a few simple things like a school dance in his phone wasn't going to ruin his reputation for perfect grades to anyone. He scrolled down his calendar events and and went to the notes section for the day.

"Its at 6 tonight." He said. "A lot of students are really helping out this year for it, I really don't know why, but do any of you care to join helping out? Then you won't have to worry about needing to get inside with your student ID, they'll give you a special pass." The group shrugged off the idea. They all had their student IDs, it was natural for them to use it almost daily. Except he, who stood up with a long deep exhaling sigh.

"Where can I join in helping?" Xero said bored. They looked at him. Was he out of his mind or something? He normally would just avoid helping out the school with stuff, including events. Maybe he was that bored that he needed something to do for the time being. "Not that I want to do this." So he had noticed them all staring with that funny expression on each of their faces. "But I lost my ID the other night when I was cleaning out my bag. I have a pretty good idea where it is, but I rather not think I know where it is when I most likely don't know." The others nodded. At some point in their lives they've lost their IDs before, it was bound to happen to all of them someday.

"Well it starts after school, they meet at the auditorium." Enid answered. "I saw some teachers telling some students who wanted to help out it was there. So why don't you check that out." Xero exhaled and patted the girl on the head. To him, she seemed sort of like a little sister(she adores Xero like an older brother).

"Alright, then, we'll be seeing each other later. I think I'll start off early, better than later." He said. He started to walk off and by time he was halfway down the hall he stopped. "Why are you guys following me?" He asked turning his head slightly.

"Ah, we were thinking, we might as well keep you company." Daemon replied. Xero lifted an eyebrow, but then shrugged it off.

"Oh well. Lets go then." Xero said, starting to walk off again.
Xionic Madness (c) Xionico
Dan (c) ~Donotregret

Well I completed this story :) I'm thinking about making a story for their dance :D
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