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Design 3 - Think
Sometimes you think its a good idea to do this and that. Then after a moment or two you think about your actions, right after you get your response. Scared? Victory? What? What do you truly feel about it? Do you just let it slide, Its all in the past!, you say or do your learn from it? That maybe you got a lucky win for victory, or scared of what you have to face next.
Have you ever thought that life was something of a way to see if anything was really true? That pain, emotions, life and death are really true. That you're not just a design into an even bigger world. A pawn in their game? Who knows. no one does. It all depends on the person and what they believe in.
Did you think you're superior to someone else because maybe they're mentally unstable? That you're the normal one and they could just go die for all you care? But what if you're the one that's wrong. Because you have no idea of knowing what's going on in their head and maybe they're not just a nut head. They could p
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Design 2 - Simple
Here is nothing special. All familiar surroundings, no fantasy, just reality. Right, that's a good thing. All ordinary, nothing out of line? Quite the simple design correct? Let's stick with a park to create first now shall we? Full of green glowing plants, grass, trees, flowers, bushes, a few ponds we'll add. A nice family sense isn't it? Very lovely. Relaxing in fact. Full of life, it keeps a good eye and catches people's attention.
Very simple.
:iconsy-core:Sy-Core 2 0
Design 1 - The Grid
It comes from people full of wild dreams and imagination. Of tall buildings stacked on each side, glowing brightly with lights, and an amazing high status of population. The streets filled with people, races and arenas full of battles. With an amazing feelings it shows. The life forms here don't age, same based off of real people, correct. Life or death? Here, there is no inbetween. A fantasy? Mostly correct, but you're not dreaming here. There seems to be a calm order here, most of all of course. It hits you though, when you see a younger version of someone you know. Alan Bradley.
You have no idea what's going on, so you decide to ask. His name is Tron, his "User" is Alan-One. Amazing how you can meet someone based off another, yet so different. Too different though the same in a way that its completely confusing.
This place, its known as The Grid. Truly a fantasy, one beyond the wildest dreams.
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Alone in Silence
Being alone is one thing, but silence is something else. It was worse, a lot worse. Because no one could hear your calling pleads, your begging for help and forgiveness for something you didn’t even realized had been done. Not when you don’t have a voice to say it. So, being alone is okay and something you can live through, but silence is torture...
You can take their beatings as they try to get information out of you, but everytime you try to speak, nothing comes out. They continue to do so until they realize your lack of a voice. A mute. So beat, cut, bloody, hurt. Its all okay because there is noise. But then they start to walk away and it grows quiet and you want to scream out "No! Stop!" But you can't because nothing comes out even though you open your mouth.
Come back, you want to say. Don't leave me alone in the silence...
:iconsy-core:Sy-Core 3 3
For DodgeStreaker's Contest
The world was a different place, well, so speaking it was. Everything was getting all foggy, all hazy, she knew there was an error in her programming. Most of her files were corrupted to the point but she ignored it. Though it was getting difficult to focus and she was having problems concentrating on the task at hand. But she has to finish this, she just had to! Even if the error was now beginning to corrupt the last file keeping her from shutting down.
“Go!” She yelled to her group. “I’ll hold them off while you get out of here!”
“But Soldier we--”
“Shut the hell up and leave already!” She snapped back, throwing one of her Battle Electric Sticks through a guard charging at her, killing him with the voltage. Besides. I’m practically dead anyways… She heard the door lock in place behind her and she sighed with relief knowing they’d be safe out there. “Alright, come at me, I’m your opponent now!” She exh
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Castles in the air
Even the fools daydream...
That something could go on well,
oh, for a single time
they build castles in the air,
daring to hope, dream
to find a temporary haven of peace
to escape to during the winter
and dream of spring...
:iconsilviamarti:SilviaMarti 399 42
And Then There Was One
I fight to live.
I fight to win.
I won't back down.
I will succeed.
Go save yourself
I'll die alone.
I'll fight this war forever
or until the bloody end.
I'll keep pushing forward.
I'll take control
all by myself.
I won't stepdown.
I fight to live.
I fight to win.
I won't backdown.
I will succeed.
What are you afraid?
Why are you so afraid?
The only thing left to fear
is fear itself.
:iconaxel-the-wicked:Axel-the-Wicked 3 6
Who is killing you?
I appear in your room
with the creepist smile on my face
with a chainsaw
I will torture you
you dont believe me?
then why are you tie down to a table, Mmm?
Where are your eyes?
Where is your lip?
Why are you here in this cold darkest place
you still dont believe me?
Where is your hair?
Where is your foot?
why are the children over there, dancing on your grave?
can't you see your rotting in a cell?
laughter does not existence here in this cold place
the only warmth you have is the rain
your rotting body
your own blood
who killing me?  
:iconwolfninja914:wolfninja914 2 0
Bloody Night
The lights flicker madly,
the moonlight is shrounded,
the blood starts pounding,
in your ears.
The wind is howling,
something is out there.
Not a bear, a wolf, or any animal like that,
it means death,
it means blood,
and it can mean the end of you.
:iconerinyra:Erinyra 1 7
Blood Lust
'Three bites and you're dead'
    Well, that's what the vampire said.
It's the same dream every night,
    Of the shadow just out of sight.
I know I wake within my dream,
    I jolt and shudder and try to scream.
But when this dream ends and I truly awake
   The memory shatters like the moon on a lake.
I hear its voice, I feel its touch,
   I want to remember I want to so much.
I see these images and they feel so real
   But they can't be true, it's too surreal.
Who is this intruder that whispers sweet killings?
   It's not in my head it's a much deeper feeling.
I think I need help, before I become a nutter
   I need help from him, the Vampire Hunter.
:iconhogofthetardis:HogOfTheTardis 6 5
Bent over the paper
pour out your heart
Tear out the page
throw it away
Gather your reasons
they make you stay
Pick up your toys
your to old to play
Your mind once glittered
now it shines with decay
Bring on the night
push out days light
climb to the ceiling
fall from the fright
Scream from the bloody
Hold my broken hand
with all your might.
:icondontuknowurname:Dontuknowurname 1 0
I am a Soldier
♥       ♥        ♥
The people I know
The people I see
The people I trust
are meaningless to me.
The endless cries
for help and pain
are muffled through
the merciless rain.
The blood; My blood,
pools at my feet.
Dreams and Realty;
I couldn't make the two ends meet.
My fallen friends, family,
each their I.D.'s hitting
the soggy, muddy ground;
My heart is ripping.
♥          ♥          x
The rain of bullets
flying over my head.
The cries of the wounded, and
the soldiers in the deathbed.
I gritted my teeth,
No more , and slowly, painfully
got to my feet.
I should have thought of this before.
I am a Soldier,
I am one of the last.
The Ultimate Sacrifice,
and I had to do it fast.
♥          x      
:iconrand0msmil3z:Rand0mSmil3z 6 10
Eternal Damnation
A flash of silver and a rain of red
down the blade runs crimson blood
a headless corpse lies at my feet
oh tell me how feels defeat
metal against metal
fist against fist
spirit to spirit
blood to none
murder after murder I feel alive
the blood releives my sorrow
the screams sweet music to my soul
and the misery of those I kill a drug
I'll kill you to feel alive
you kill me to stay alive
to to your dismay
you can't kill whats already dead
my soul gone my life eternal
my heart blackened and turned to dust
the angel of death know me by name
soon he'll know you to and you headless shame
:iconsacred-tear:sacred-tear 4 86
My bloody wish
I laugh...
I laugh at your pain
your suffering
I laugh on how you beg me to spare your life
but no....I shoot you
I shoot you in the head
I laugh on how your blood came gashing out
that beautiful red blood.......
that just drip...drip...drip
oh that beautiful red blood
how I use to paint with your red blood
your blood would be cover all over me
oh how i look beautiful in your red blood
but then I was caught
I laugh at how their faces look
the terrify look on their faces
I grab a gun and put it next to my head and said "Would you listen to me now?"
then my beautiful red blood came gashing out
:iconwolfninja914:wolfninja914 2 6


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Oh its been so long since I've been to DA, been so busy ^^; But hey I'm alive and hopefully will be more free of my work so I can start writing stories again 


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Artist | Literature
United Kingdom
I like to make literature; writing is fun.
But you should except little from me for time being, I might just sit here.

I also love to write stories about children because I think it is fun and I have a few young siblings who always use to ask me to read/write them stories.

I like to write my own stories, read others and I like fan fiction. At most time beings I will write fan fiction the most. Its a custom to my hobby of writing.

I'm also not an artist, I use DreamSelfy to create a visual on my characters(though they still looks different in my mind)


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